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Only trusted name for Best Boarding School counseling in Bihar and Jharkhand. Sole representative in Bihar & Jharkhand for Nationa/International Boarding Schools.  |  Registration and Enrollment process is completely free. Contact for the admission in top Boarding Schools.   |  

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Boarding School Admission Provider

CAREER & CAREER Edu Services (P) Ltd. is known as one of the most innovative and experienced student recruitment agency and also the first and only in Bihar & Jharkhand. Our Expertise is in Launching new courses and Institution, Enhancing Visibility, Brand Identity Creation, Fueling Turnarounds, Establishing Competitive Differentiation, Bringing about Positive Attitudinal Changes, Secure Admissions.

Services For Boarding Schools

You should plan to associate with us if you want:  An organization who gives you guarantee for Brand Promotion, Marketing & Admissions.

  • To promote and establish your brand in India and Abroad.
  • To ride on a cost effective and strong marketing platform.
  • An opportunity to meet potential applicants face-to-face.
  • To recruit quality students through Personal Interview.
  • On the spot enrolment of students.

Services For Students and Parents

We help parents to find the right boarding school according to their budget, preferred location and choice of curriculum so you can make informed  decision before visiting any boarding school

Pop culture has painted boarding school in a way that isn’t necessarily accurate. While the depictions are exaggerated examples of what the reality of boarding school life is actually like, film, TV and books have left people asking: why would anyone want to go to boarding school? Well, boarding school simply isn’t like the movies. It’s an opportunity for students to learn a number of life skills while having access to a high-quality education. 

We provide you a growing array of options in choosing right boarding school. so that you can make inform decision before visiting any boarding school.  

Our Services

  • Effective Recruiting

    Career and Career will only recruit well qualified and financially sound students from Bihar & Jharkhand

  • Effective Representation

    Career and Career will represent that School, Colleges and Universities, who are part of its client's base,

  • Recruiting Network

    Career and Career will distribute its client's catalogs, applications and other promotional materials to its network of local

  • Professional Screening

    Career and Career pre-processes all applications before they are sent to the client colleges and universities.

  • Boarding Admission Solution

    Boarding Admission Solution

Glimpse of Admission Campaign 2019

  • Christian College of Engineering and Technology
  • Landmark Foundation
  • Institute of Productivity Management
  • Jayam College of Engineering and Technology
  • Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering and Technogy
  • Sarswati Vallu Institute of Technology
  • Oriental School of Business
  • Ellenki College of Engineering and Technology
  • Dr. IT Group of Institutes
  • Allahaqbad Institute of Technology
  • Mass College of Engineering and Technology
  • Vishvakarma Global Business School
  • Gharda Institute of Technology
  • Institute of Technology and Management
  • Krishna Teja Educational Institutions
  • Happy Valley Institute of Management
  • Devid Memorial Business School