Market Overview


  • Bihar & Jharkhand is top market in India.
  • Remote area where you don't have sound network.
  • Large number of students seeking Admission.
  • Large pool waiting to get in to a Quality Education provider.

Market overview:

Bihar & Jharkhand's Student a market is among the biggest contributor to the student campuses of institutions in India as education is highly valued in Bihar & Jharkhand social and economic strata. The dearth of quality educational institutions forces students to study outside. Those who seek to study in high demand areas like Management, Medicine, Technology, Hospitality, Fashion etc. have little option but to go to other cities in India. A majority of students themselves see education as the path to success and personal development. Parents are willing and able to spend reasonably on their children's education more than earlier on. Bank loans are also of easy reach

Migration from Bihar and Jharkhand:

Education level is an important parameter for an individual which influences migration motivation and determines mobility pattern to a large extent. Employment and Education appears to the one of the main reasons for migration of the people. Economic constraint at the native place of the migrants motivates or couples the people to leave their original place in search of livelihood or economic betterment at different destinations in urban zones. A survey of relevant data conducted from time to time revealed that nearly one third of the migrants have arrived in the cities only for seeking employment and education.