Best Play School Award

Objective: There is a motto & objective behind every doing. Through FPPL Award we felicitate those play schools and faculties who are really doing well for the better of our students and society. As we all know that this place is blessed with knowledge & talent. This Award function has been initiated to bring the real picture of play schools in terms of their quality and teaching technique and to create a competition among them. At the same time honour those schools and faculties who are really doing best in their respected area.

As this a real fact that every child is special for their guardians and parents and they grow with the dream of their parents. When a child is in its tender age it is easy to mold in the way we want them and it start with a good education and nurturing.

A play school is a place where a kind step in after the lap of their mother and home and there are number of play schools are running in Bihar and Jharkhand some are with a big band name like Kidzee, Hello kids, Eurokids Sapling, Bachpan and many more, these all are well renowned brand in play school and at the other hand many play schools are running with their individual name and managements.

Being as an event organizer we consider it our utmost responsibility we have taken it into our account and decided to foster the best play schools of Bihar and Jharkhand in front of the guardians and parents where their kid can get a better education, personality enhancement and extra curriculum activities, in a nutshell a place where every things suppose to deliver to the kids for their better future.

Therefore we have started organizing best Play School Award with a name of FPPL Award for the best Play School Awards function.