Branding Solution for Bording Schools

 Challenges faced in getting admissions are:

  • Do potential Parents/Guardians know you exist?
  • Why pay more for you vs. another?
  • Why pay more for you rather than from a less expensive alternative?

What is Brand Awareness?

The ultimate goal of most Organization/Boarding Schools is to increase number of admissions and facilities. Ideally, you want to attract new students to your Institution/Residential Schools and encourage referral admission. Brand awareness refers to how aware potential Parents/Guardians are of your institution and quality. Ultimately, achieving successful brand awareness means that your brand is well known and is easily recognizable. Brand awareness is crucial to differentiating your product from other similar products and competitors.

Why is Brand Awareness Important?

You may be asking yourself, is brand awareness really all that important? You may be saying to yourself, I have plenty of Students and admissions are decent, why bother? The answer is: There are few things more worthwhile than investing time in your brand’s awareness. It can play a major role in admissions decisions. The reality is, the more aware consumers are of your product and your brand, and the more likely they are to buy from you.

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The promotion of schools, especially Private Boarding Schools of any sort, has changed quite substantially. It used to rely on a question of status, values and availability. Such and such a school could provide a certain level of status for a family.

How Do Parents Find a  Boarding School?

Traditionally it was enough to trust a School's reputation and word of mouth to bring parents and pupils in to the boarding school. It still, of course, counts a lot these days, as will excellent teaching; outstanding grades and student care help build your brand. But nowadays word of mouth has moved online; a lot of parents who are the key decision makers when it comes to the choice of schools, surfing internet have become one of the biggest ways in which we connect with people we trust. As a result additional traditional marketing activities like sprinkling adverts in the local and or national press in key competitive marketing like the boarding school sector or private sector just aren't enough.

Career and Career understands the pressure and challenges that Boarding Schools face every admission season to meet with the desired number of students. No matter what kind of challenges or opportunities your Boarding School faces, we are always there and our team will meet you where you are and help to create an action plan to increase your success.

Through our industry expertise, innovative tools and support for every level of professional, CCESPL remains committed to delivering all the resources that can help both you and your boarding school achieve to potential.

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