Marketing Solution for Bording Schools

Parents of the millennial generation are profoundly different from the parents of 5 or 10 years ago. For example, according to TIME magazine, 90% of millennial’s parents use online search engines. This generation relies on technology as a way of life. Has your school adapted to the needs of the millennial family?

It used to be so simple, didn't it? When it came to promoting your Boarding School, you would simply create a gorgeous brochure, website, mail it out to potential families and wait for the phone to ring and the admissions appointments to be made. But not anymore. Today, Boarding schools are finding themselves in a position of needing to market themselves to an increasingly savvy consumer. These prospective families have a long list of things that they are looking for in a boarding school for their children, want to get a great education for an affordable price and they want the best. Boarding Schools are facing a competitive marketplace, but many of them are faltering when it comes to marketing. So, how does your school get noticed and where do you need to be focusing your marketing efforts?

Career and Career has developed a Specific Actions Plan to Market Your Boarding School Successfully.

We at the Career and Career work on the number one factor which influences almost everything in the management and operations of a boarding school during the school year is enrollments. It defines and affects everything. If there are not enough students, there will be effects on hiring, maintenance, strategy, and salaries. There is always a pressure of school heads to keep a steady flow of enrollments, and also not to let students switch to other schools.

  • Who is a prospective student?
  • What are prospective students looking for?
  • New ways to attract prospective students
  • Why do parents make the decision to switch schools?
  • How can you attract them to your school?

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